Bangladesh High Commission, Singapore

Issues under Labour and Welfare Wing

Labour Wing of this High Commission has been established since 1992 to provide welfare oriented services to the Bangladeshi expatriates’ and to explore the employment opportunities in Singapore. Singapore is a favourite destination of Bangladeshi workers. The main reason is that the working conditions are better than any other countries where Bangladeshi workers have gone for employment. Bangladeshi workers have contributed in a big way to Singapore’s infrastructure development and shipyard. Bangladeshi workers are hardworking and law abiding so Singapore employers are interested to hire Bangladeshi workers. Year 2013 was good one in terms of overseas employment, in this year around 65 thousands Bangladeshi workers come to Singapore. Due foreign workers’ restrain measure by the Singapore Government the following years witnessed the slower pace of Bangladeshi workers but it will grow as demand persist. At present about 1 lakh 60 thousands Bangladeshi workers in Singapore. In 2013, according to Bangladesh Bank remittance sent from Singapore was 426.91 millions above. Following are the issues dealt by the Labour and Welfare Wing:

Manpower of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a reservoir of Manpower. A huge number of skilled, semi-skilled, un-skilled and professional manpower is available for foreign employment in Singapore. Mainly in construction and shipyard are the main labours regarding areas of Bangladesh in Singapore.

Dispute settlement

All workers should seek help of the law for any kind of dispute settlement with the employer if possible. When someone in unable or could not settle the dispute should contact the labour wing. For workers Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is the appropriate authority and sometimes court is the right places to settle the disputes.

Documents required for sending dead body to Bangladesh

  1. National Environment Agency (Permission to export a coffin containing a corpse)
  2. Certificate of registration of death from Forensic Medicine Div, Health Sciences Authority
  3. Funeral Directors (Embalming Certificate)
  4. Deceased worker passport
  5. Deceased worker work permits
  6. Company forwarding letter

Documents required for Demand Letter/Individual Visa/Maid Visa/IPA attestation

  1. Company forwarding letter
  2. In Principle Approval (IPA) copy
  3. Salary contract paper with notarized
  4. Passport photocopy of worker/house maid
  5. Attestation fee S$11 (Per page) and each person S$1
  6. Photocopy of employer's IC (for maid visas)
  7. Maids hand phone number in Bangladesh
  8. Documents required for IPA attestation : 1. IPA copy (Employees's Copy 2nd page) 2. Letter of Authorization -Original Copy 3. Passport Copy of the Worker 4. Authorization Form from Foriegn Workers Work Pass Transactions -in case of Employment Agency.

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Others Activites

  1. Prepare the list of the migrant workers in Singapore
  2. Visit work place, dormitories of the workers and report about their facilities
  3. Visit jails and police stations to prepare list of cases of imprisoned Bangladeshi Nationals and provide them legal support and facilities their repatriation
  4. Record death case, process and compensation for the deceased person from their respective companies and remit money to concern person in Bangladesh
  5. Claim service benefits and compensation for the deceased person from their respective companies and remit money to concern person in Bangladesh
  6. Providing legal assistance advice, segmentations to workers in order to resolve their disputes with their sponsors and prepare their list
  7. Visiting hospitals and jails
  8. Reporting important news to the Ministry published in the Singaporean news media
  9. Coordinating with Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Immigration and Check Point Authority in Singapore and Building and Construction Authority in Singapore
  10. Conducting motivational programmes and celebrating events like Bangla New Year and other national, cultural and religious days and aware them about the rules and regulations of Singapore
  11. Issuance of Travel Permits
  12. Collection of total remittance data from the bank